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[{"question_j": "What is a boolean?", "correct_j": "c", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Do or do not, there is no try. --Master Yoda", "answers_j": {"a": "True", "b": "False", "c": "A value of True or False, but never both.", "d": "Something you add to soup."}}, {"question_j": "What makes a parameter different from an argument?", "correct_j": "b", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "I got the dog a bed, but the cat took it over.", "answers_j": {"a": "A parameter keeps the chickens from escaping. Arguements make them angry.", "b": "The context. A parameter is a placeholder, the argument is the thing that occupies that place.", "c": "They are exactly the same.", "d": "about 5 kilos give or take."}}, {"question_j": "An algorithm is which of these things:", "correct_j": "d", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "A process or set of rules to be followed in obtaining some result.", "answers_j": {"a": "A chicken and dumplings recipe.", "b": "The instructions for hooking up my computer moniter.", "c": "a formula for determining the nth fibonacci number.", "d": "All of the above."}}, {"question_j": "Modern computers use electrical signals in the hardware to store and transmit data.", "correct_j": "True", "box_type_j": "TorF", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "I turned the light switch to on, and light appeared.", "answers_j": {"T": "True, although there is space to argue magnetism is the true hero of modern data storage.", "F": "False, this is the Matrix, binary data is stored in humans living in pods of fluid goo."}}, {"question_j": "A files 'extension' is the type of file the computer reads it as.  A .txt file is also known as:", "correct_j": "d", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Hello, Extension 560 dairy department please.", "answers_j": {"a": "a text file", "b": "plain text file", "c": "a file formatted as a sequence of lines of electronic text.", "d": "all of the above.  wink wink, nudge nudge."}}, {"question_j": "A method is a procedure used in a particular manner to interpret and use data", "correct_j": "True", "box_type_j": "TorF", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Her method of straining the noodles, had four steps.", "answers_j": {"T": "True, some methods are simple recipes, some are highly complex data manipulation.", "F": "False, Logically if she weighs the same as a duck, she's made of wood!"}}, {"question_j": "How would you describe a recursive function?", "correct_j": "c", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "I will not stop until every apple has been plucked from this tree.", "answers_j": {"a": "a function that calls another function", "b": "a function that breaks your app, computer and sometimes the wifi", "c": "a function that calls itself until a base case is met", "d": "a function that loops all day everyday"}}, {"question_j": "Regular expressions help us do what?", "correct_j": "b", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "I thought his name started with a B... Barnaby? Bob? Barkley?", "answers_j": {"a": "alleviate stress through verbalizing emotions with code", "b": "match combinations of characters in string values", "c": "add description to code directly in the code without interfering", "d": "join together multiple arrays into one"}}, {"question_j": "The zero, in binary is a -low volatage signal, while the one is high-volatage (5 volts).", "correct_j": "True", "box_type_j": "TorF", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Electricity has no voltage if a circuit is off, and voltage if a circuit is on.", "answers_j": {"T": "True, just like an on/off signal,  this is why 0 is commonly a representation of False/null/None.", "F": "False, Zero is a hero."}}, {"question_j": "This is some JavaScript code. var means variable.  What is the variable catsName value?", "correct_j": "a", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "var catsName = 'Sage' \nconsole.log(catsName);", "hint_j": "She is a pretty kitty, decendant of the mountain beasts of yore.", "answers_j": {"a": "'Sage'", "b": "Here's the bit I look up some crazy binary code for the characters in Sage.", "c": "Or I could look up how many integers the memory would assign to that pointer.", "d": "Anyone got some catnip?"}}]

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What is a boolean?


Do or do not, there is no try. --Master Yoda