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[{"question_j": "An example of how a off by one error can occur is:", "correct_j": "d", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "We start with 0, and add to that. So zero is often thought of as a starting point.", "answers_j": {"a": "On the count of 3", "b": "So, after you say the word two... or after you say the word three?", "c": "Lets just not count.", "d": "The list/array has 10 items in it, so I try to loop through index 1 - 10."}}, {"question_j": "A low level computer language simplified definition:", "correct_j": "a", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Many high-level languages use abstraction, are very human readable, but require being compiled/translated to a lower-level language.", "answers_j": {"a": "A language very close to machine. This kind of code is used by the machine for very specific and declared purposes set by the user written code.", "b": "I told Hal to open the pod bay doors, but it refused.", "c": "Python like other high-level languages rely on a compiler to translate the code into something the machine can understand.", "d": "Within the code written by the user are many hidden processes the computer must translate without the coder's knowledge."}}, {"question_j": "An if statement checks whether a given variable of some type, is existent, True, of some specified value.", "correct_j": "True", "box_type_j": "TorF", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "If I fits, I sits.", "answers_j": {"T": "True, and it can also verify if something is NOT true, NOT equal to, or NOT existent (null-None), and many more.", "F": "False, An if statement only qualifies wether an argument is plausible and deniable."}}, {"question_j": "What do you think this code (JavaScript) does?", "correct_j": "c", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "if(chocolate){\n     eat(choclate) };", "hint_j": "there is chocolate in this room, and I shall EAT IT.", "answers_j": {"a": "Makes me happy.", "b": "Defends against the Dementor's sadness.", "c": "if chocolate exists, is true, and is not 0/null/none, then perform eat on chocolate.", "d": "42"}}, {"question_j": "What decade was the world wide web technology being produced by Tim Berners-Lee?", "correct_j": "b", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Decade of:  The Goonies, E.T., Gremlins, Aliens, The Princess Bride....", "answers_j": {"a": "1880s", "b": "1980s", "c": "1990s", "d": "Where we're going, we don't need roads."}}, {"question_j": "Turing Complete is a term coined after the father of Computer Science.", "correct_j": "True", "box_type_j": "TorF", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "He invented a machine called 'Enigma' that helped stop World War 2, how cool is that?", "answers_j": {"T": "True, his concepts of Algorithms and Computation are a driving force in CS to this day.", "F": "..."}}, {"question_j": "Why do we call the main circuit board of a computer the 'Motherboard'?", "correct_j": "d", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "Like a mother, it is the main hub for distribution and 'where did I put that thing mom?'.", "answers_j": {"a": "They needed a different term than 'mainboard', mainboards were not extensible.", "b": "Because daughterboards are extensions plugged into it to add more circuits/processing.", "c": "It is the main ciruit board for processing signals.", "d": "All of the above."}}, {"question_j": "Forms take user data and send it to a web server.  This is commonly called a POST request.  How does the data get delivered?", "correct_j": "b", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "What would you request sun screen for?.", "answers_j": {"a": "The data gets transferred via third party JavaScript libraries", "b": "The data is sent through an HTTP request and included in the request body aka payload.", "c": "Mozilla runs the interweb.", "d": "The data is saved to the header of a response."}}, {"question_j": "Status codes summarize the outcome of an http request.  Which of the following is not true about them?", "correct_j": "c", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "status codes have 3 digits", "answers_j": {"a": "They signal if an http request was processed successfully", "b": "404 reveals the server did not locate a matching resource.", "c": "908 tells us to keep waiting.", "d": "5 prefixes a server error."}}, {"question_j": "MIME types exist in the HTTP world.  Which of the following best describes MIME types?", "correct_j": "b", "box_type_j": "multiple", "code_box_j": "none", "hint_j": "", "answers_j": {"a": "They are event handlers within event handlers", "b": "They are set in the Content-Type response header and tells the client how to parse an HTML response body.", "c": "They are tags used to prevent screen readers from reading element contents out loud", "d": "It prints your html code via the nearest printer."}}]

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An example of how a off by one error can occur is:


We start with 0, and add to that. So zero is often thought of as a starting point.